Courses in Sweden

Burvik Footgolf, Uppland - Burvik GK
18 different tees and 9 holecups. Always open for footgolf. No booking required.
Check homepage for latest info.
Quite flat course and playable for both beginners and experienced players.
Great grass quality. Restaurant. Rooms to rent.

Elisefarm Footgolf 18 hål, Skåne Opens May 2021
There is one 18 hole course permanent. Open Wednesdays and Sundays
and one 18 hole course for bigger events only.

Jarlabanke Footgolf - Jarlabanke GK
18 hole course. Always open for footgolf.
This is one of the few long footgolf courses in Sweden.
Here you play on really good quality both in terms of grass and design.

Laholm Footgolf - Laholms GK
12 holes. 18 holes when there is a tournament.

Olandsbygdens Footgolf, Alunda - Olandsbygdens GK
18 hole course. Always open for footgolf.
Booking required. Check homepage.
This course offers a big variation of holes located on 6 fullsize golfholes
Snack machine.

Roslagen Footgolf, Norrtälje - Roslagens GK
18 hole course. Open daily for footgolf after 2 pm.
Check homepage for latest info.
One of the best courses in Sweden with a great variation of uphill, downhill, flat and technical holes.
Great grass quality. Beginners should play their first round from red footgolf tee.
Restaurant. Golfcar rental.

Tomelilla Footgolf - Tomelilla GK

Shorter courses in Sweden

Degeberga Widtsköfle GK, Småland (9-hålsbana)
This is a 9 hole course. Always open.
Nice for practice. Playable for all ages.

Isaberg GK, Småland (7-hålsbana)
This is a lovely 7 hole course with super nice grass quality and fun layout.
Only downside is that it is only 7 holes.

Kiladalens GK, Nyköping, Sörmland
This is a 9 hole course.

PGA Sweden National, Skåne (9-hålsbana)
This is a 9 hole course. Always open. Drop-in.
Nice for practice. 50 -200 m holes.
Restaurant and accomodation available.

Storsjöbygdens Footgolf - Jämtland
9 hole course. Always open. No booking required.
It is a nice course with both hills and flat areas, both long and short holes.
Playable for beginners and experienced players.

Surahammars GK, Västmanland (9-hålsbana)
This is a 9 hole course. Always open. Drop-in. No footfee. Free play!
Nice for practice. 8 par 3 and 1 par 4.
Restaurant for lunch every day.

Courses to be completed 2021

Kvicksund Footgolf, Västmanland
18 hole course. Opens in October 2021

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