Doubles 2022

Winners SWEFT Doubles:
Women - Yasmine Hollsten
Men - Peter Alenbring and
Henrik Jensen

Standings Doubles

3 - 13 TEAMS

This year we will play SWEFT Doubles.

We use the same way of calculating points as in singles, but only
your 3 best tournaments counts.
The double points you get is personal so you are allowed to play with different partners in different tournaments.

Mix teams always compete in Men/Absolute.

Women compete in Men/Absolut if there are less than 3 teams. There will be a Women category if 3 or more Women teams participate in the tournament.

The format will be foursome.
(alternating kicks between players in the team)

Fee: SEK 100 / Team /Tournament
Pay to Swish nr123 505 39 13
Eller bg5819-1354
write Doubles, names and tournament.

Registration with an email to:
State name of tournament and players.
Or say to Cecilia Thurlin.