Peter Alenbring presented the National Team, Euro 2021.

We have two new Swedish champions in footgolf.
Pernilla Nordgren and Rickard Bråthe.

Team Olandsbygden (women) and Team MEET (men) won the team categories.

It will be a tournament August 12, at PGA Sweden National in Bara, close to Malmö.
You will be able to register to this, at "Tournaments" in a few days.

Now Footgolf Sweden has
37 members.

Early bird is extended at Scandinavian Footgolf Trophy, € 98 to 1/7.
Register here

The winners at
Stockholm Open is: Nahir Oyal, Caisa Edvinges (båda damkategorierna), Rickard Bråthe.
All results: Stockholm Open Photos on our instagram.

The winners at Elisefarm Open is: Sofie Magnusson
, Alexander Alenbring and Niclas Nyberg Säfllund.
All results: Elisefarm Open Photos on our instagram.

28 participants is going to play this year´s first SWEFT tournament at Elisefarm.

Registration for SM (Swedish Championships) opens Monday June 7. Info at

One of the committies is looking into maybe have some clothes for you to order with the Footgolf Sweden-logo.
If they come up with something we will post info and pictures directly here on the page.

Do you have good contacts or network around this? Please contact Yasmine, Peter or Tommy. We love all the help we can get. (emails on tab Board)

The association got the logistics ready now for everyone to become members.
Check it out under the tab - Association.

One of our decisions this year is that we will not have prize money founded by entry fees from our players.

Prize money should come from sponsors.

One person who have manage really well in this is Henrik Jensen in Skåne.

There will be prize money in both Elisefarm Open and Scandinavian Trophy thanks to him.

45 kg trophys arrived this week to Footgolf Sweden. Who will take the podiums this year?
Good luck and have fun, all participants!

Today the board had a meeting to confirm the tour calendar. As always, with the caveat that new restrictions might force us to reschedule certain tournaments again.

Swedish health authorities and the Swedish Golf Federation has now given the green light for competitions, starting June 1. Finally! The board will now focus on the tour calendar.

New course in the Stockholm area. Great news considering the disbanding of Södertälje Park.
Jarlabanke aims to become a great competition course, with additional tees for casual play.

The Crown at Burvik Footgolf 29/5 is POSTPONED. We are looking for a new date.

Swedish Open will soon hopefully have a new date and location.

Rules for EC qualifiers is set. Find it under "Documents"

Södertälje Park have a new owner. For now on there will be no Footgolf there.

Elisefarm Open is postponed. New date for a FIFG tournament at Elisefarm is not yet decided.

The criteria for SWEFT ranking is now posted under "SWEFT".

The Rose is postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We are at the moment struggling with getting all tournaments shown in but they seem to have som technical problems just now. And it is not only in Sweden. Hopefully the solution is close.