The Crown Cup
A Matchplay Cup

Winners The Crown Cup:
Women - Pernilla Nordgren
Men - Nicklas Karlsson
Women Sr - Caisa Edvinges
Men Sr - Tommy Svensson

Report result to one of us:
Markus, Cecilia or Peter.
or email to


Matches are to be played withing the following schedule:

Round 1 - Last day May 23

Kvicksund May 7-8

Elisefarm May 20-22 (designated tournament)

Round 2 - Last day June 16

Tomelilla June 4-5

PGA Sweden June 6-7 (designated tournament)

Round 3 - Last day July 1

Roslagen June 31 (designated tournament)

Round 4 - Last day July 16

Olandsbygden July 2-3 (designated tournament)

Round 5 - Last day August 1

Jarlabanke July 24-25 (designated tournament)

Round 6 - Last day August 29

Östersund August 14-15

Burvik August 27-28 (designated tournament)

Round 7 - Last day September 19

TBD September 18-19 (designated tournament)

Players are free to decide time and place for their match with their opponents. They can play on any SWEFT course. However, if they cannot agree on a time or place, there is a designated tournament where the match is to take place.

If none (or both) players participate in the tournament, both will be given a loss for the match if the match is not played. The worst seeded player will be given a loss in the match, and the best seeded player will be given a loss in the next match. (As we can't have two losses in the same match in a tournament bracket)

If a time/place has been agreed upon, but one player can't make it, that player will need to lose on walk-over. The tournament committee will resolve any disputes.

Categories / Fee

The fee for the cup is 100 SEK. Players are responsible for paying any potential greenfees on the courses where they play.

There will be four separate tournaments, one per category: Men, Men 46+, Women, Women 46+

Each tournament will only give points to the corresponding SWEFT category. Points will be given according to the regular SWEFT table, but rounded up to 8, 16 or 32 players.

Senior players are free to choose whether they want to play both the main tournament and the senior tournament, or just one.

Seniors pay only one fee regardless if they play only one or both tournaments.

There is a maximum of 32 players in each category.

Tournament format

The tournament format will be decided by the number of registered players in each category.

3-8 players

Double elimination tournament. No group stage.

9-16 players

4 groups of 4 players, followed by single-elimination bracket.

17-32 players

8 groups of 4 players, followed by single-elimination bracket.

Match rules

The standard rules are that matches are played over 18 holes using FIFG rules.

Players can concede holes or even the whole match.

If there is a tie after 18 holes, the match continues as sudden death from hole 1.

As long as both players agree, players can deviate from these rules in any way they like.


The seed will be based on the SWEFT ranking when registration closes. However, we will have a live draw where we will randomly rearrange the seeds in groups of 4.

Ranked players 1-4 will get seed 1-4 in order.

Ranked players 5-8 will be randomly drawn into seed 5-8

Ranked players 9-12 will be randomly drawn into seed 9-12

...and so on.

Players will be put in groups based on their seed according to the "snake system".

If not all positions are filled by players, the remaining positions will be walk-overs.

Group stage

Round 1:

Match 1 - The best seeded player vs the worst seeded player

Match 2 - The other two players

Round 2:

Group final - The winners from Round 1

Elimination match - The losers from Round 1

Round 3:

Second chance - The loser from the group final vs the winner from the elimination match

Final standings:

Group #1 - Winner of the group final

Group #2 - Winner of the second chance match

Group #3 - Loser of the second chance match

Group #4 - Loser of the elimination match

Position #1 and #2 advance in the tournament, position #3 and #4 advance to play matches for position.

Brackets (3-8 players)

Brackets (9-16 players)

Brackets (17-32 players)