Scandinavian Trophy

May 20 - 22, 2022

Scandinavian Footgolf Trophy

500 at Elisefarm GC in Höör, Sweden.

Half an hour's drive from Malmö, 3rd largest town in Sweden, you will find the beautiful venue of Elisefarm Golf Club, just outside the city of Höör.


* FIFG-500 played under the rules of FIFG.
3 rounds (54 holes)
Friday 1st round, Saturday 2nd round and Sunday 3rd round.

* Points awarded to the Swedish Footgolf Tour (SWEFT) based on the number of players

* Cash prizes: TBD, depends on sponsors.
Equal between Women and Men, equal between

Senior women and Senior men.
(Women -45, Women 46+, Men-45, Men 46+)

* Player fee: 98 euro (EARLY bird)
After June 15, 120 euro

* Player points categories: All official FIFG categories and SWEFT categories.

* Practice: July 15

* Registration will open later:

On site
Elisefarm Golf club

6 km
Tofta B&B /

7 km
Ringsjöstrand Hotell och camping

19 km
Hotel Stensson

45 km

Hundreds of hotels