The Rose

June 30, 2022

WELCOME to the Rose
100 in Norrtälje, Sweden.

Less than an hour's drive from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, you will find the beautiful venue of Roslagen Golf Club, just outside the city of Norrtälje.


* FIFG-100 played under the rules of FIFG.
1 round Doubles (18 holes)
1 round Singles (18 holes)

* Points awarded to the Swedish Footgolf Tour (SWEFT) based on the number of players

* Player fee: 25 euro, Juniors pay 15 euro (12-16y), Early bird until June 26.
From Jun 27 and after €35 Adult, €25 Juniors (12-16y)
Rookies who never played a FIFG tournament recieve
discount €10

* Player points categories: All official FIFG categories

* Practice: Possible June 29 from 2PM. Footfee SEK 140

* Registration is open.

* The course offers 6 spots with electricity for caravans or motorhomes. Booking at 100SEK/night pay on site.

10 km

Hotell Roslagen

17 km

Wik B&B

26 km

Sättraby B&B

35 km

Burvik GK

(No greenfee at Burvik footgolf when you rent a room there)